Five Borough Wrestling Holds United We Stand in Brooklyn

By Jerry Del Priore

Stand back, it’s Hurricane storming throwing. Well, more like former Cruiserweight Champ Hurricane Gregory Helms during Five Borough Wrestling’s show Thursday night in Brooklyn.
On Thursday, 5 Borough Wrestling held its United We Stand card at the American Legion Hall in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn, featuring some of the top local indie wrestlers as well as a veteran former WWE fan favorite, Hurricane Gregory Shane Helms.

Here’s how the high-octane action went down in Kings County:

General Manager Chris Beckett pulled the curtain on the show as he introduced his new assistant Ariela Nyx. He also stripped Mike Verna and David Starr of the Tier 1 W (T1W) Tag Team Titles because a lack of a title defense.

During his opening comments, things got worse as Darius Carter—the No. 1 contender for Verna’s FBW Heavyweight Title—interrupted Beckett.

After a bush league shot from behind from Carter’s reputed henchman, Anthony Gangone, on the Man of Steel, Beckett called for a tag match later that night between Carter and Gangone and Verna and partner of his choice.

Logan Black and Bam Sullivan, with Victoria Von Black vs. Stockade and Matt Tremont for the open Tier 1 Tag Team belts.

The King of Chaos Logan Black teamed with his trusty bother in arms, Bam Sullivan, to take on Stockade and Matt Tremont for the vacant Tier 1 World Tag Team straps.

Von Black performed an impressive Hurricanrana on Cyrus during the match. But after outside inference from him, Stockade and Tremont came out victorious and the new T1W Tag Team Champs.

Matt Macintosh vs. Talon.

In another highly competitive encounter, Macintosh defeated Talon due to outside interference from Danny DeManto. Talon vowed to seek vengeance on DeManto.

Chris Payne vs. The Pro Wrestling Manic Joe Gacy in a Wild Card Championship Qualifying bout.

Payne pinned the crazed grappler to qualify him for the Wild Card Title.

Denny Gavin vs. Orion Dove.

Newcomer Gavin outlasted Dove, but the collective group of MJF, Bear Bronson and AJ Spectre (Force) made him pay for it, by mercilessly beating down the youngster.

Fortunately for Gavin, Hurricane and The Elements intervened and saved him from the clutches of Force.

Tag Team match between Darius Carter and Anthony Gangone and Mega Muscle – Mike Verna and the Big O (Adam David Ohriner).  

Carter and Gangone both pinned the Big O after a physical, hard-fought contest by both teams.

Hurricane and the Elements (Pyro and Glacier) took on Force in a trios main event match.

Hurricane and The Elements eroded Force with a stellar wrestling performance that worked the crowd into a frenzy as the three embarrassed their opponents ridiculous fashion time and time again.

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