Five Borough Wrestling Celebrates Three Years in Brooklyn with Superb Local Talent

By Jerry Del Priore

The Man of Steel Mike Verna plays up to the fans in Brooklyn Friday night.

New York City is currently producing some of the top professional wrestling talent on the independent circuit.

And that was evident to the standing room crowd Friday night at Five Borough Wrestling’s, in conjunction with New York Wrestling Connection, third year anniversary ‘A Night to Remember’ show at the American Legion in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

Local grapplers such as Mike Verna, Chris Dickinson, Logan Black and Talon were on hand at the high-octane action event.

Here’s how the combat conflict went down.

Darius Carter (Wrestling’s Richest Prize) vs. Pro Wrestling Maniac Joe Gacy

It was a pick your poison match, with Verna, FBW’s heavyweight title holder, selecting Darius Carter’s, Tier 1’s Champion, opponent.

Verna chose Joe Gacy, and he gave Carter a run for his money, in a highly competitive, back-and-forth match. But Carter emerged victorious after using the reverse code breaker to secure the 1-2-3.

The Infamous Bobby Fish vs. Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson gets ready to peel Bobby Fish out of the corner.

Staten island’s own rough-and-tumble Dickinson took on Fish of Ring of Honor fame.

Fish utilized the ankle lock move to submit Dickinson in another high-quality, physical affair.

Challengers Logan Black (King of Chaos) and Bam Sullivan vs. FBW Tag Champs Fource (AJ Spectre and Bear Bronson), with PJ Stackpole in their corner  

Fource picked up the victory after outside inference from Matt Macintosh, who grabbed Black’s valet, causing the distraction, which led to the eventual pin of Sullivan.

Rex Lawless vs. Talon

Talon, a Bay Ridge native and talented wrestler, scored the win, with a roll up of Lawless.

Ethan Page vs. Space Monkey and Caveman in the Governor’s Invitational

After Page mocked and refused to face Space Money, Caveman entered the ring. Page said he would take on both wrestlers, and destroy them without a doubt.

Much to Page’s chagrin, Space Monkey and Caveman pinned him in an extremely entertaining match.

The Greek God Papadon vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman in a Career Match

With his career on the line, Papadon made quick work of MJF with a roll up. To say the least, MJF left feeling irate.

The Man of Steel Mike Verna vs. Rogue and House of Glory Champ Anthony Gangone (Main Event)

It took help from Carter, who picked Gangone to go up against Verna, but The Rouge defeated the Brooklyn superhero with a powerbomb.

In addition, Denny Gavin, an oblivious fan favorite in his debut match in a fatal four-way, fought his way to triumph.


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