Tier 1 Wrestling Showcases Stars in Brooklyn

By Jerry Del Priore

Penta and Jerry Del Priore
Penta El Om and Sports Writer and Author Jerry Del Priore.

Since it was my first time attending a Tier 1 professional wrestling show, an independent outfit based in New York City, I didn’t know what to expect. But I knew Tier 1 Wrestling had several capable grapplers on Sunday’s True Will card, so I believed it wasn’t going to be a total waste of my time.

Fortunately for me, and the rest of the fans, it turned out to be a very good show at St. Finbar Catholic Church’s Gymnasium in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, from which the show aired live on FlowSlam.TV.

Here’s the rundown:

Penta El Om Vs. Matt Riddle (Progress Wrestling Title Match—Winner Receives a Tier 1 World Championship shot at a date TBA)

The first match of the afternoon pitted Penta El Om (formally Pentagon Jr.) versus up-and-coming “King of Bros” grappling star Matt Riddle—an ex-UFC fighter whose professional wrestling star is quickly rising.

In a highly-contested battle, which featured many dazzling moves, Riddle forced Penta El Om to tap out to a MMA-style submission move.

Matt Riddle sports his Championship hardware in the ring.

Mike Verna Vs. David Starr (Five Boro World Heavyweight Title)

“The Man of Steel” Mike Verna, current FBW champ, and “The Product David Starr” fought for the Five Boro World Heavyweight strap.

With the two exchanging blows and wrestling maneuvers for several minutes, the current Tier 1 Tag Team Champs, The Cutthroat Kings decided to intervene and rendered both competitors helpless, which led to a no-contest ruling.

The Brooklynite and 230-pound Verna retained the belt due to the interference.

“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson Vs. Ace Romero

Chris Dickinson, though extremely strong, was up against a gargantuan competitor in Romero. No worries, as Dickinson used his power and wrestling ability to offset Romero’s size advantage.

In the end, the Staten Island-born wrestler power-bombed Romero off the second rope to the mat below, causing a loud, shaking thump and the eventual victory for Dickinson.

Chris Dickinson Gets Ready to Battle Versus Ace Romero.

Cutthroat Kings (Joey Ace & Logan Black) Vs. Breakfast Club for Tier 1 Tag Team Titles

Just like their name implies, Ace and Black ruthlessly attacked the Breakfast Club before the match commenced.

With the Breakfast Club unable to perform, Tier 1 general manger Christopher Beckett felt fit to team Verna and Starr, the Starr and Steel connection, and have them vie for the belts.

Not letting the opportunity fall by the wayside, Starr and Verna used double Cloverleaf moves to submit both Ace and Black to become the new Tier 1 Tag Team title holders.

Limitless Keith Lee Vs. Concrete Rose Sonny Kiss Vs. Bobby Fish Vs. Champion Darius Carter in a four-way elimination match for the Tier 1 Championship strap

Originally slated as a triple-threat battle, Beckett added in Fish to make Carter’s title defense even more arduous.

Lee began the pinning festivities by downing Kiss with a devastating power-bomb for the 1-2-3, as he was the first wrestler to be ousted.

As the action moved along, Lee was able to withstand double submission moves, and get to the ropes for the break. But wound up passing out to another submission attempt for the second elimination.

With two wrestlers remaining, Carter, 11-0 at the time, pinned Fish to retain the championship and move to 12-0 in Tier 1 competition.

Ending note: after the conclusion of the event, Riddle walked out and informed Carter and the Brooklyn crowd that he would snatch the belt from the Champ soon enough, igniting a raucous “Borough of Kings” reaction.

5 thoughts on “Tier 1 Wrestling Showcases Stars in Brooklyn

  1. jerry,
    congrats on the wonderful piece on wrestling performance at st.finbars in bath beach,bensonhurst. i grew up in that neighborhood & used to go to summer camp there.
    as you know wrestling is fixed however the contestants put on a great show.the fans become very involved with the matches & very vocal. i am sure a fun day was had by all.
    kudos go out to you on your very professional reporting style. with some luck i forsee you becoming a columnist for one of our major newspapers. keep up the great work.
    mr riz


    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your very kind words. I have always had a passion–predetermined and all.

      As you know, this site is all mine, and I take great pride in it. I even seeing some dividens now.

      I look forward to Canarsie, as my stories will be strickly for BrooklynSportsWorld.com. Keep reading, and please share. Plus, send me more great stories when you come across them.



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