’s Personality Car Quiz, CarTron, Aims to Help Tell if You’re with the Right Valentine’s Date

By Jerry Del Priore

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!

With Valentine’s Day just days away,, the self-proclaimed world’s first truly comprehensive car research and shopping website, has created a personality quiz, CarTron—the only scientifically-validated character test that pairs shoppers with their perfect car. It’s designed to help determine if you’re with the proper mate.

In a nut shell, CarTron matches what you like in a potential mate with the type of car you desire, along with other character traits and preferences.

For instance, through extensive research conducted by and other companies, it has been determined, for the most part, that people who desire reliable spouses also prefer practical vehicles, dependable friends and comfortable clothing.

In addition, you’re less likely to enjoy meeting new people and are often happier alone. You’d rather drive a car that is fun to drive versus fun to admire. You’d rather watch commercials in which the people look like you. And you’d rather drive an eco-friendlier vehicle.

On the other hand, people who would like to marry someone more spontaneous, want to drive a sophisticated, power vehicle, have friends who are entertaining and wear more fashionable clothing.

Plus, you’re more likely to enjoy contradicting other people and generally being in groups. You are more likely to find mice cute, rather than disgusting. And you enjoy studying in coffee shops.

“We’ve matched our research against peoples’ personality preferences for what they’re looking for in a car,” said Dr. Rovi Iyer, Chief Data Scientist at, of the quiz’s results. “It’s based on a lot of scientific research. We’re confident about the data. We’re confident we’re on the right track.”

25,000 people, thus far, have taken the quiz in a few months, with 80 percent of the people who’ve started it, have completed it, according to Rovi.

Furthermore, Jesse Toprak, Founder of, said in a statement: “Part of the magic of our CarTron quiz is based on basic personality psychology, where extroversion is considered one of the basic building blocks of personality. A core trait that underlines both vehicle and mate preferences is introverted or extroverted a person is in their social interactions.” hopes CarTron opens up the potential buyer’s mind when it comes to purchasing a different vehicle from their norm.

“It’s more than about car features. It’s about given people the option to buy a car they wouldn’t have thought about in the past,” Rovi, 42, said. “Hopefully, we get people to consider vehicles they wouldn’t.” binary-200

Rovi said has more to offer than assisting with the car buying process. Carhub is introducing CarHub Connect (due out in the summer), a free On-board Diagnostic (OBD) device that helps car owners magange every aspect of their automobile’s functional existence, including oil changes and other maintenance duties.

“We want to be the center of your car universe,” he explained. “We’re not just a car buying website. We want to be there throughout the ownership of your car.

For more information on the company and to take the personality quiz, log onto, or follow the direct link to CarTron.









One thought on “’s Personality Car Quiz, CarTron, Aims to Help Tell if You’re with the Right Valentine’s Date

  1. Pretty interesting, but I wont’ have anything to do with a company trying to match my personality to an inanimate object. That’s like putting someone else in control of your life. Big no-no for me.


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