Concierge App, Drinklynk Works to Transform the Group Nightlife Experience

By Jerry Del Priore

Drinklynk, an online personal nightlife concierge.

It’s an all too familiar scene for people who plan nightlife group outings. You search for a venue for a special event or a night on the town, and are quoted a price, only to find out that the cited rate for your group is a lot more than expected, or you’re denied access altogether.

It’s a buzz killer, to say the least, ending any hope of having fun for your group.

Enter Drinklynk, an online personal nightlife concierge that cuts down on the search process for customers, and allows venues to fill openings on demand, said Chris Martine, CEO and Co-Founder of Drinklynk.

Drinklynk App.

It all starts by answering nine simple questions, and the company takes care of the rest for you.

“You tell us exactly what you want and how much what you want to pay, and we will find it for you,” Martine explained. “What we really wanted to do is put the power in the customers’ hands.”

But Drinklynk doesn’t stop there. “Any offer that you’re given (by the venue), it’s upheld,” the former two-sport varsity high school athlete said. “We make sure of that.”

A Lawrenceville, NJ native, Martine, 29, began planning and throwing events for friends after he moved to New York City three and half years ago.

Martine, who was a former IBM executive, started out with a website, which he started to strategically build a team around. He brought on an ISO and Android app developer along with marketing and operations people. In the 18 months since its inception, Drinklynk has worked with over 250 NYC venues, according to Martine.

Currently, it has expanded to Miami, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Las Vegas—helping to plan events such as bachelor and birthday parties.

Drinklynk is free to customers, and every time a venue opts into serving a client’s request, they pay a commission to the company, Martine noted.

(Xander is on left, Chris in middle, Marc on right).

Though Martine said the company focuses on large gathering, such as working to secure places for after parties and corporate events, “where it does it best work,” Drinklynk serves groups of approximately five to eight people, for the most part.

“It really gotten a lot of traction,” he said. “It’s really doing well. We sent over 12,000 customers to venues. We have a strong social media presence, and lots of referrals and repeat users.”

Follow Drinklynk on Instagram @Drinklynk (

The Drinklynk Team:

Chris Martine – Co-Founder and CEO .

Madhav Bhagat – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Marc Battipaglia – Head of Business Development and Legal.

Xander Rothaus – Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Joe Toscano – Design Lead.

Ryan Cochrane – IOS Lead Developer.

Kiril Popnikolov – Marketing Lead.

Dmitriy Tarasevich – Android Lead Developer.



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