Progress Update: Vision-impaired Ultra-marathoner Jason Romero Keeps Chugging Along


Jason Romero Photo

By Jerry Del Priore

Through the first 27 days (as of Wednesday, April 19) of Jason “Relentless” Romero’s 3246-mile trek across the United States, which started at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, March 24th, the vision-impaired ultra-marathoner has eclipsed 1303 miles and six states (now in Kansas) thus far, according to Vision Run USA’s website.

In order to complete the incredible accomplishment, Romero will need to run approximately 50 miles a day for 66 days, which would end Romero’s miraculous journey at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday, May 28th.

If the 46-year-old single father of three—who has currently lost 85 percent of his vision, making him legally blind—completes the challenging task in that time period, he said he’ll be the seventh fastest person to do so.

Good luck to Romero, who said, “I am doing this as a blind person. I am going to show the world that blind people can do anything. If I can inspire the masses at large, then my job is done.”

To follow Romero’s progress, please visit www.VisionRunUSA.comVisionRunUSA ; FacebookJason Romero on TwitterUnited States Association of Blind Athletes Facebook; and/or USABA Twitter.

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