Carmelo Anthony Goes Nuts for Syracuse on Snap Chat

By Jerry Del Priore 

Carmelo Anthony holds up headline after Syracuse wins NCAA Title back in 2003. 

So, Carmelo Anthony took to snap chat to celebrate his Alma Mater’s monumental comeback 68-62 victory over Virginia on Sunday to reach the Final Four, citing Syracuse’s “perseverance.”

Sounding like a giddy school girl, he started out by claiming that “they (whoever they are—possibly the same people who didn’t believe they should be in the tournament in the first place?) don’t want us to win.”

Listen, it’s nice that he was excited for the tenth-seeded Orange, who he hasn’t played for since the 2002-03 season, when he led the team to a NCAA Championship. But, as a Knicks fan, I’m annoyed that Anthony hasn’t always displayed the same passion and pride for his present team, the New York Knicks, who are presently tanking their second straight season.

If the Brooklyn native did, maybe they wouldn’t be polluting the world’s most famous arena on a nightly basis with their lackluster play? Maybe.

I mean, Antony is just making 24.56 million this season, so why was he so over-the-top beaming with joy that his former college team, who he played for free (umm), had advanced to the semis?

Beats me. I guess basketball players will always retreat to their old college days of glory, no matter what they’re doing, or done, in the NBA.


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